Sunday, February 22, 2015


也许我不够完美; 无法符合您的条件与要求。
那段说短也不短,长也不长的感情;我只能默默把记忆锁起; 回味过去。


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Monday, February 9, 2015

1 lil stone off the chest

Finally! Straighten the thoughts and clear whatever that had been running on mind.

Life is gonna be way better from today onwards. Work hard towards my goal. Bury myself with work would be the best.

Lovers, friends or whatever doesn't matter as long as 用真心对待周围的人。

快乐或不快乐。 日子天天过。 (:

I'll miss you dearly and lock those memories up.
Memories good or bad doesn't matter cos I cherish every single moment. 



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Monday, February 2, 2015

Felt like a fool.
And it reminds me of this song by wendy lam 傻瓜
Life is a joke to being with.

Don't give hope when you are unsure of what you wanted.
I was hurt few years back and now it happened again; same person.
Your uncertainly really could kill someone emotionally and mentally.
Thanks a lot SLSY.

No matter what, I still wish you all the best and be happy.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1st movie in 2015

I fine... Thank you... Love you...

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A fool so old

Looking back at old post from very private blog entries.  Can't stop but to think back of what had happened.

We have aged over years.
Come to think of it, my first rs was 9 yrs ago.

Asked myself after each failed relationship; why did it fail? Am I not good enough or we're never meant to be.

Each time someone brings hope in my life tend to be the one trashing it.

After the trashing,  it's always hard to get on feet again especially with unseen wounds all over.

Mockingly I'm back to ground level.
Never easy to start something new and finding back the faith.

Faith starts filling in when there's assurance and love but it starts to wear off as time pass by.

How much faith do I have & where can I ever find that faith back in me?

Felt like a damn fool for wasting my youth all these years.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

7 days more and it's 3 months since ah gong left us.
I miss him a lot a lot.
Even the fact that when I thought of him, I feel like tearing.
I hope you're happier the other side of the world. no more sufferings.

Used to go temple to pray for your health and hoping that you'll live as long.
Even told the gods above that they could shorten my lifespan in exchange for your health.
You're missed so so much ah gong.
I hope that I dream of you and give you a tight hug.

You're the strength I used to have.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

it's my off day today! (:

Anyways, cut my hair short like damn short. The hairdresser cut until like a fucking butch. ):
Met more new pple and have fun. Uncle is back and i simply love him alot!

Guess I always got blossom luck but is those bad lousy ones! Boo!
I tidied my drawer last week or last two weeks. Looking at those letters that steph wrote, the drawing of us, the letters with piggy boy aka jonathan wee, with mei yee, pauline, nic, shikin, eugenia and many more. Read my diary, which I last pen down was after the break up with steph.

I laughed like crazy and was reading it loudly at home to my sis and mum. those were the days when i was young. I do miss her but i can never forgive her for her wrong doings. Otherwise, i can't forget what she had done.

For whatever wrongs you done which affected me so much in life, it's hard for me to forget and forgive. I believe that is why I would keep telling myself not to believe in love at all.

After Jr, it's more confirmed that love is just something good to have not a must to have. What's love anyways? Companionship or plainly emotions. It's always a fine line between.
It's just like you're afraid of loneliness and you want someone to spend time with you by your side.

I want my own family and kids but I am afraid. There's potentials ones up there but have no feelings for. Sis urge me to give me a shot and told me its better to be loved than to love someone else.
I really don't know.

been with guys and girls before and now i felt, PLU r/s are more fragile than the normal r/s. Yes, i do have fears and phobia with either gender; which I cannot overcome.

Maybe one day, i will be somewhere else a new place where i meet new pple and start afresh. hate sg cos of many memories everywhere i go. no good!

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